Rules and Regulations

Here at Sticks of Joseph we are dedicated to having fun with membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Scriptures (Specifically the Book of Mormon), and everything an LDS lifestyle entails. This site is free for all to enjoy. To keep this site enjoyable for all our visitors, here are some rules:

  1. Keep it clean. All comments are being moderated, so if you aren’t keeping it clean, then you won’t have the luxury of having anyone see your comments. Harsh language will also be jettisoned.
  2. Be respectful. Many people from many backgrounds will be visiting Sticks of Joseph. Some will be LDS, some will not. Everyone will be at different levels of knowledge, understanding, testimony, faith, beliefs, etc. and it is our goal to keep this a safe and comfortable place for everyone – again, all comments are moderated so if something appears to be condescending toward the LDS faith, other faiths or person/people – it will not be approved.

    “…when our outlook is dominated by skepticism, cynicism, criticism, and irreverence toward others and their beliefs, the Spirit cannot be with us.” – Elder Robert D. Hales, Oct. 2009
  3. Be patient. Not all comments are approved right away, but every effort will be taken to approve comments quickly, and the more activity we have on this site the quicker comments will be approved. So get your friends and family to participate with us!
  4. Be honest. All site content is copyrighted by Sticks of Joseph, or another entity, specified or not. If we use any material outside of what we have created, we will make every effort possible to give credit where credit is due and still ask for our participants not to use any of the images, movies, or articles on this site without permission. We’re pretty nice here, so if you’d like to use something, just ask.
  5. Be careful. We don’t want a bunch of non-sense posted about the LDS church or any other religion, which includes false doctrine or extreme ideas. We’ll be pretty lenient on these things if they are on topic and specified as opinion or questions, but we want to avoid mis-information and mis-interpretations of the LDS and other beliefs. If you want to start a controversial discussion then seek out a more appropriate website for that. We are only here to have fun.
  6. Don’t take us too seriously. We don’t represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We don’t speak on their behalf. Some people may think we walk a thin line between light-heartedness and light-mindedness, maybe even blasphemy – but we only set out to have fun here while taking care to stay on the light-hearted side of things. If our style of humor offends you, then maybe other sites will suit you better. If you feel we have severely crossed the line, then you may let us know.
  7. HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! If you have any suggestions for us or would like to submit some of your own fun stuff, we’re open and ready to seek out anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy – and funny is a bonus!!!

Thanks a million!!!!
The Sticks Staff