A handful of my cartoons are semi-based on semi-true stories of partial fiction-and-a-halfsies. I’ll tell the story behind this one… Once upon a time we missionaries were tracting (the door-to-door bit us missionaries are known for), and we came to a trailer in a caul de sac, in a fairly nice neighborhood (one of these […]

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welcome home

Welcome Home

I don’t want to scare anyone off from going on a mission – the blessings far outweigh the burdens, but trials happen!¬†Who here has ever had their worst fears come true when they got home from their mission? What about just being blind-sided by an unexpected event? Do share!

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General Conference Predictions

Hello friends! General Conference is fast approaching, and Sticks of Joseph – as General Conference fans – are preparing our popcorn and tissues for another wonderful weekend of laughs and tears from our earthly spiritual leaders. For those of you who love modern revelation as much as we do, we have decided to have a […]

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Captain Moroni Wallpaper

Have you woken in the morning and turned your computer on just to see the same old boring desktop walpaper that has savagely sucked the life out of your eyeballs for the last time? Then consider yourself blessed to have found this beautiful Sticks of Joseph Captain Moroni wallpaper! Not only will your computer be […]

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