There was a popular rumor amongst the LDS Star Wars geek circle that Yoda was based off of Spencer W. Kimball. Maybe it was the voice, the mouth, the height, or the wisdom and the ability to move ships with his mind (unverified) that caused the rumor to take hold. While I’m sure that was […]

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My calf muscle could have been spared some teeth holes if someone nearby had this gift. Were you ever bit by a dog on your mission? If so, congratulations, that’s a right of passage! What is your story?  

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Here, I’ll make it easy for you – Alma 30 PS. I know it’s “cool” and “hip” and a “fad” and “far-out” and “funny” not to like mimes, but do people really hate mimes? Why? Stephen King’s “IT” wasn’t about a scary mime, now was it? No.

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