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Finding Vs Teaching

 ‘Twas a standoff… I have already heard many of our General Authorities, especially Elder Bednar, talk about how often times we pray for the missionaries to find those who would like to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet it is the members’ duty to find those who are ready for the Gospel and the […]

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Peaceful Prompting

I was only bit by a dog once on my mission, but I have had plenty of close calls and some nice surprises where the dogs weren’t as mean as they looked – much to the surprise of their owners. But, for all those who are looking to keep missionaries out of their property for […]

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My calf muscle could have been spared some teeth holes if someone nearby had this gift. Were you ever bit by a dog on your mission? If so, congratulations, that’s a right of passage! What is your story?  

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A handful of my cartoons are semi-based on semi-true stories of partial fiction-and-a-halfsies. I’ll tell the story behind this one… Once upon a time we missionaries were tracting (the door-to-door bit us missionaries are known for), and we came to a trailer in a caul de sac, in a fairly nice neighborhood (one of these […]

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